Legal services

Legal services provided by our law firm includes:


civil law

  • family law – (divorce, alimony, repeal the obligation to pay alimony, separation, division of common property, establishing a separation of assets, custody, contacts with the child, issuing a passport for a minor, permission to perform actions exceeding the scope of ordinary asset management of the minor, paternity, responsibility for the debts of a spouse);
  • law of succession (inheritance acquisition, acceptance of the succession, waiver of the succession, division of inheritance, reserved portion, disqualification by conduct, excluding wife of inheritance, the fight against disinheritance, testamentary succession, the annulment of a will, bequest, specific bequest, liability for the succession debts);
  • request for payment, conductiong prejudical proceedings for the purpose of  signing of the settlement (including drafting settlement agreements), preparing lawsuits in ordinary proceedings, order-for-payment proceedings and in simplified writ proceedings;
  • the preparation, analysis and negotiation of civil contracts, including clauses protecting the interests of the client;
  • claims arising out of contracts (contractual penalties, compensation in the case of a non-performance or improper performance of obligations under the Agreement, enforcing the performance of the contract, seeking the conclusion of the final contract, claims arisingg out of  preliminary agreement, and out of unjust enrichment);
  • debt recovery (enforcement proceedings, administrative enforcement proceedings, collateral claims);
  • representation of debtors before enforcement authorities and creditors (concluding settlements, negotiations with banks, securitization funds , debt collection companies, actions to prevent enforcement, complaints against the actions of a judicial officer);
  • compensation from insured events (autocasco and civil liability), due to medical malpractice, accidents at work, due to hunting damages;
  • property law (violation of possession, protection of property, acquisitive prescription, the division of joint ownership, the establishment of the easement, reconciliation of land and mortgage register with the actual legal status, the claim for reducing total mortgage, eviction);

criminal law

  •  defense of suspects, acused in criminal cases and in cases of misconduct;
  •  representation of victims in criminal proceedings, criminal tax matters as well as based on the criminal provisions of special laws;
  • drawing up private and subsidiary indictments;
  • drawing complaints for temporary detention;
  • defense against preventive measures (detention, bail, social guarantee, guarantee of a trustworthy person, supervision of police, order to leave the dwelling, suspension of business or occupation, an order to refrain from certain activities or a driving a particular type of vehicle, a ban on leaving the country, seizure of passport);
  • representation sought by arrest warrant, an application for a laissez-passer;
  • claim damages or compensation for wrongful conviction and the use of coercive measure;
  • preparing applications for parole, postponement of execution of sentence, interruption in serving sentence, suspension of enforcement of the final judgment of conviction;

economic law

  • ongoing support of entrepreneurs;
  • collection of receivables;

labour law

  • the establishment of an employment relationship;
  • the payment of salaries and other benefits for work;
  • termination of employment contract and related claims;
  • mobbing and discrimination;
  • certificate of employment;
  • accidents at work and related claims;

administrative law

  • representation of parties to the proceedings before public administration authorities;
  • the representation of parties to the proceedings before the Regional Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.